Here's What Some Of Jim's Mastermind And Coaching Clients Say:

"I've been masterminding for nearly 20 years now and used this concept to propel myself to massive success and making millions of dollars. This past year I had the privilege to mastermind with Jim Palmer; if you ever have an opportunity to do the same - don't hesitate. Jim has the ability to quickly zero in on the real issue and deliver ideas that are on point, specific, and immediately usable! Most importantly, Jim has one skill and one quality that are very scarce today. He really listens - like few people can! And he genuinely cares, wants to make a difference and does whatever he can to support others!"

Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

"When you are ready to take your business to the next level you need a good coach in your corner -- not someone who tells you want you want to hear, but who challenges you to be more than you think you can be. That's Jim. Having masterminded with him for years I can tell you that joining his mastermind will be one of the best investments you'll ever make!"

Melanie Benson Strick
The Big Idea Catalyst &
America's #1 Optimum Performance Coach, Success Connections

"In just 15 minutes on the telephone, Jim came up with an idea that I applied, and the results were spectacular. He's both a great idea man, and an implementer!"

Bob Burg
Coauthor Of "The Go-Giver"

"Jim Palmer is all about taking action, but he takes the time to understand your strengths and uncover the lucrative opportunities in your business. Jim not only brings strategic, smart ideas to the table, he also encourages his clients to put these strategies into action quickly. My masterminding experiences with Jim allowed me to see results instantly, thus building up some great momentum. That momentum has lead to more leads and more paying customers in my business. Can't beat that!"

Amy Porterfield
Social Media Strategist

"When I had the chance to join Jim Palmer's Mastermind and Coaching Group, I didn't think twice! Jim is an extremely smart marketer and businessman and shares his knowledge and experience freely. I had never been a part of a virtual mastermind, but Jim is very well organized and maximizes the power of the mastermind, bringing out the best among the group brain trust without the travel. In short, if you have the opportunity to work with Jim in any capacity, don't think about it, just do it!"

David Phelps, D.D.S.
David Phelps International, LLC

"Masterminding with Jim Palmer is one of one of the most exciting, productive and profitable things I do for my business. When I'm in need of breakthrough ideas to increase my profitability, I turn to Jim. His insight and experience enables me to convert my business challenges into profit-producing opportunities that I could never have seen on my own. Jim is my behind-the-scenes "Ace In The Hole"... he makes me look good to my more than 1,300 consultants operating in 37 countries worldwide and he gets my highest and most respected endorsement."

Martin Howey, CEO
Top Line Business Solutions

"When I was struggling and I needed help BIG TIME, I hired Jim be my personal coach. Almost instantly Jim helped me turn myself around by asking the tough questions I neglected to ask myself. Jim is full of experience and marketing expertise. In fact, in one session he helped me overcome what seemed to be a big challenge to me that ultimately led me to two new clients that were worth more than $15k! If you're considering one of Jim's Masterminds or Coaching programs DO NOT EVEN HESITATE. Jim is great and you'll leave every call with a big smile on your face."

Craig Valine
Marketing Consultant

"If you want to take your business to the next level, then you NEED to be part of Jim Palmer’s Virtual Mastermind and Coaching programs! Working with Jim and the powerful Mastermind group he leads has taken my business to a new level as well as equipped me to be a more successful entrepreneur. Jim’s 1 on 1 coaching is invaluable for evaluating ideas and devising implementation strategies specific to my business needs. Plus, Jim is just fun to work with! Jim leads by example, values the synergy of the group process and has a generous habit of over delivering! Jim is my “go-to” coach for business growth and success!"

Susie Miller
Speaker, Counselor, Coach

"I was a real newbie to mastermind groups; Jim’s was my first one and I can only say great things! Jim does a fantastic job of giving practical advice and keeping you on track with your goals. I love the variety of businesses and experience in this group and that we all learn from each other. I completely trust my mastermind group members - they are very supportive, even when the best thing you can hear is some tough love...which we all need from time to time! I feel more confident in my business and as an entrepreneur. Oh, and my income has grown upwards of 60% during this year! Jim, I cannot thank you enough for all your support!"

Dr. Carri Drzyzga, BSc, DC, ND
Orleans, ON

"I joined Jim Palmer's Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind last year to take my business to the next level, and that is exactly what happened! The talent, experience, knowledge, and success in this group has far exceeded any expectations that I had. Jim’s coaching is invaluable and focuses on strategy, implementation, and follow through. Jim’s “Stop Waiting” approach is key in pushing me to get things done this year."

Dr. Michele Summers Colon, DPM, MS, CYT
Physician, Entrepreneur, Founder of 34 Minutes Shoes

"On one of our 1:1 coaching calls, Jim gave me one marketing idea - a rebranding idea that had such an impact, it resulted in several meeting planners calling me up and booking me. If you want to experience a true mastermind session that is heads and tails above the rest, AND impacts your bottom line, get on board with Jim Palmer."

Brad Szollose
Bestselling Author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia – Multigenerational Management Ideas That Are Changing the Way We Run Things

"Jim Palmer is the go to business coach for Entrepreneurs that are ready to get down to business, toss the excuses and get it done! Give him 30 minutes and he will give you gold (as long as you are willing to put it into action). I highly recommend partnering with Jim to take your business to the next level-fast!"

Kelly Roach
Business Growth Strategist

"I can't say enough about Jim Palmer's Dream Business Coaching program. Over the last year working with Jim, my business has grown from just myself and one employee to a bustling and coordinated team of five! My investment in the program has been recouped many times over and Jim’s advice has accelerated my business' growth turning what would have taken me years into mere months. I was also a bit skeptical getting started knowing that it was a one year commitment, but I'm so glad I bet on myself and took that step. Invest in your growth and create your dream business with Jim Palmer."

Ben Krueger
Founder and CEO, Authority Engine

"I can't say enough great things about Jim Palmer's mastermind and coaching program. I've obtained more great ideas, resources and methods from one session, than I have reading volumes of books and online content. I recently implemented just one of the many cutting edge marketing strategies I learned and netted a 240% return, coupled with ongoing monthly revenue! It's been the energizing bolt of lightning that I've been missing in my business. I highly recommend Jim's mastermind group to anyone who's serious about killing the lip service and ready to take action and grow their business."

Gary George - President & CEO
Blazin Multimedia

"I can definitely speak to the effectiveness of having a great coach in your corner, because thankfully I have the best! My dad, Jim Palmer, has been coaching me from the very start of my business and now, in less than a year, I run two businesses and am on track to double what I was making in my former job while I get to be a stay at home mom to my infant son Nathan. One of the best ideas for my business came during a walk I took with my dad where he asked me a series of questions, and by the time we arrived home, the answers were the genesis for my second business, which is booming, with new clients signing up every week! My advice to anyone thinking of hiring a coach is to “Stop Waiting” and to hire Jim Palmer!"

Jessica Rhodes
Founder and President of Entrepreneur Support Services
and Interview

"Being part of Jim Palmer's Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program has been a fantastic experience. The people in the group, and of course, Jim, have been great mentors for me. I've been challenged, supported, motivated, and inspired by this program. I have met the most interesting people who have become great referral partners for me. I find Jim Palmer to be extremely creative and fast thinking during our calls. If anyone can teach you to build a multiple six-figure business, it's Jim Palmer."

Jean Kuhn
Author, F-Ups, Franchisee Screw-Ups That Can Cost You Thousands

"My decision to join Jim's Mastermind Group has turned out to be one of my best yet. I have been part of several other groups, but Jim's group is different. Jim encourages each member to ask questions and make recommendations and he also adds his award-winning business experience and ideas for both brick-and-mortar and internet businesses. Jim also makes sure each member understands the recommendations and has an action plan to make it happen."

Steve Graves, Sr.
Play-a-Round Golf

"I highly recommend Jim Palmer’s coaching and mastermind group! Participating was beneficial to our business and we had the unexpected surprise of making friends with other smart entrepreneurs. We’re already planning joint projects with them. Jim Palmer is not only a brilliant marketer and coach; he is also a genuine friend with a heart of pure gold. Thank you Jim, joining your group was a priceless experience."

Paul Guyon
Traverse City, Michigan

"I've been in Jim Palmer's Mastermind group for five years running. The reason I keep coming back is that the honest and meaningful feedback I get every month has truly changed my business and my life. Implementing just one idea about tele-seminars netted me a $400 individual consult and a $3,000 project the following month!

In addition, the FIRST time I spoke at a seminar using the EXACT formula Jim teaches in his Summer Business School, I achieved a 71% closing rate. Inspiration and ideas from the mastermind have also been instrumental in the success of my new training institute for virtual assistants and business coaches! If you are not masterminding, you are NOT mastering your mind. Join me in Jim's program and rock your business!"

Adam Hommey
Host, Business Creators' Radio Show™

"Jim Palmer reminds me of a teacher figure...the gentle kind, but you'd think twice about asking a question because you know he expects a lot out of you.

I enjoy sharing the diversity and MAGNITUDE of things accomplished by the group members and encourage other entrepreneurs to consider being part of Jim’s coaching program."

Emily Letran
Philanthropist, author, mother, dentist

"I'm a big believer in Mastermind Groups and coaching. And while I'm involved in four mastermind groups, and personally run five groups myself, one of my favorite masterminds is the one I'm in that's led by Jim Palmer. Jim always gives open, honest feedback and great advice and he also attracts great people. Jim is one of my 'go-to' guys when I need to run an idea past someone who really understands marketing and business growth strategies."

Henry Evans - The Hour A Day Entrepreneur
Timezone Marketing

"Jim Palmer and I have masterminded for years and Jim has opened me up to new, actionable, and powerful ideas - that worked. I don't do anything for years that won't work. Jim's process is gold."

David Frees
Speaker, Consultant, Attorney

"Jim Palmer is one of the greatest teachers to provide you with techniques and strategies to take you to an entirely new level of understanding and success in your business. Open yourself to a new level of thinking. Put aside your old opinions and the belief systems that have guided your sales career up to today."

(Lee Milteer wrote this about Jim and his hit book, Stick Like Glue.)

Lee Milteer
Founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program

"I've been with Jim Palmer's mastermind / coaching group for one year and plan on signing up again. Jim is a mastermind and marketing expert. If you're looking for ideas, accountability, leadership, and a 'no nonsense' approach to getting things done now you must join this strong time-focused group. The bonus of Jim's program is NO TRAVEL!"

Chris Mullins
The Phone Sales Doctor

"Entrepreneurship can be a lonely profession; I'd recommend Jim Palmer's coaching and mastermind programs to any entrepreneur who wants an effective coach in their corner. I've witnessed Jim Palmer use his unique coaching techniques to solve problems for hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs - and never have known anyone to fail that followed his direction."

Robert Deraco - Founder/CEO
Synapse Marketing Solutions

"When I joined Jim Palmer's Mastermind Program I had no idea what to expect and to be honest, I was very nervous. I knew the other members were further along their entrepreneurial path than I was and I wasn't sure what I would be able to contribute. But after the first call I was completely at ease. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful and under Jim's guidance and expert coaching I was able to increase my income EIGHT times over the previous year! If you are considering a mastermind/coaching program I encourage you to join Jim's program and learn from the best!"

Melanie VanNuys
The Hometown Marketing Girl

"Here's how Jim Palmer is different from other business coaches: he actually gets in the trenches, brainstorms and works alongside you, instead of just telling you what you could or should do. His super-creative ideas and insight have been invaluable. Furthermore, he's helped me define priorities (and maintain my sanity) when I've (often) had 25 things on my plate that all seem worthy of immediate attention."

Lori Saitz - CEO
Zen Rabbit Gratitude Cookies

"Jim, thanks to your coaching advice, this year has opened up a world of new opportunities for me on many levels of business! I started sending a newsletter to my patients and now I have my own "newsletter business" with your No Hassle Newsletter Master Reseller Program! That business has taken off and provided many others with the opportunity to connect with their customers without having the hassle of thinking about the details and schedules a good newsletter program provides. If anyone is considering joining us next year I can honestly say they will be amazed at the clarity and direction your insight and advice will give them to help assist growing their businesses with solid marketing strategies. Thank you again for all the new profits!"

Stuart Spencer
Advanced Ear Care

"Last year I have had the honor to be in a mastermind with Jim and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my business life. Jim's ability to stay focused on the business goal is outstanding. He is always pushing you to reach much higher than you ever thought possible and makes sure you have the strategy in place to achieve whatever goal you set out to accomplish and succeed at it. I do believe that even more powerful then that is that he is there supporting you every step of the way."

Michael Vander - Chief Adventurer and Fun Catalyst
The Purpose Hunters

"In just two months, Jim Palmer's mastermind group has already positively influenced my business. When the group started, I was struggling with how to achieve the income and lifestyle I wanted. Fast-forward 60 days; I was able to book new work that equates to 30% of my total revenue from the previous year. That was a lot of "low-hanging fruit" to reap! I completely attribute this new growth to Jim's excellent coaching. This group gave me the forum to work out my business dilemmas in a safe environment, taught me new methods to get to the next level of business, and most importantly - helped me go after what I want for my life. Thanks Jim!"

Tess Wittler
The Success Story Architect

"I knew before joining Jim's mastermind, that he was a very smart and savvy marketer. Jim is an amazing entrepreneur in his own right and I learned much more from Jim than I ever thought that I would. I can always count on Jim to not only provide a ton of good ideas, but he also gives you honest, straightforward feedback and advice. The one-on-one time I spent with Jim was priceless. Anyone that wishes to take their business to the next level should be part of Jim's program, if you are one of the lucky few to be able to grab an opening in his mastermind group!!"

Larry Weinstein

"This was my first experience being part of a mastermind group and it has been priceless! Being a part of a group of entrepreneurs who shared similar struggles was very comforting and their advice and support reassuring and motivating! I highly recommend Jim Palmer's Mastermind and Coaching to anyone who is looking to step it up in their business, get some great ideas, guidance, and some real accountability!"

Amy Suzanne Taggart

"I admire the business knowledge that Jim brings to our mastermind group, he seems to have answers to any challenge that we present to him! Plus, his business ideas are practical as he once saved me from making a $1K mistake. Jim also helped me formulate a great tagline that I have been using and it proved effective to get my clients attention."

Luis Cardozo
Short Sale Home Specialist

"I've been in several mastermind groups with Jim and he always comes prepared to help, challenge, and inspire everyone. He is never at a loss to suggest several creative 'outside the box' ideas to grow my business. As an entrepreneur it's important to take time away from the everyday minutia of your business and to 'work on your business' and a mastermind group is the best way that I've found to do this. I highly recommend Jim's group."

Jay McGrath - President
Real Feel Golf Mats

"Jim is an amazing coach to co-create an info product with! The ease which he blends his experience and knowledge with yours is truly wonderful. Jim makes you shine as the star and 'go-to expert' as he engages with you and your audience will be screaming for more of what you offer. If you want to get your business to the next level faster, then join Jim's mastermind and coaching program."

Debra Arko L.Ac, D.Hom, NMD
Distinctive Business Concepts

"Jim Palmer provides fantastic information in his books, newsletter, and on Newsletter Guru TV. So, when I heard about Jim's Mastermind and Coaching Program, I was excited to learn from and get coached directly from Jim. Jim provides great information to our group each month and I especially like how Jim incorporates a focused personal coaching call each month to help address other individual issues. I strongly recommend Jim's Mastermind and Coaching Program!"

"Coach Roger" Boneno
Sugar Land, Texas

"Jim's marketing ideas, business building strategies, and "fast-action" approach to getting things done in record time were invaluable to me. Jim's ideas on the title for my book, the web address to secure, and the hot buttons that will attract buyers to my program were dead-on accurate and just what I needed. I've worked with many consultants in the past, but Jim is truly an entrepreneur's entrepreneur."

Richard J. Lukesh
Your Part-Time HR Manager®

"When it comes to mentoring and marketing, Jim Palmer is the man... he's known as The Newsletter Guru but he's also a very savvy marketer. I'm in Jim's monthly mastermind group and it has helped my business a ton. You can absolutely rely on his honesty and integrity or anything he says."

Jeff Weiller
President, New York Commercial Lending LLC

"A special shoutout to Jim Palmer, an amazing marketer and marketing coach. On last night's Certified Go-Giver Coach weekly call, one of the Coaches shared how just one idea she received from Jim helped her to put together a business tool that will prove to be very lucrative for her within her niche market. And, I know Jim has done the same for me. Thanks, Jim. You're amazing, and it's always a pleasure to recommend you marketing wisdom to others!"

Bob Burg
Coauthor Of "The Go-Giver"

"It's hard to put into words just how valuable being in Jim’s coaching group is, but it is worth getting up at 2am on a Saturday morning to take part! Ideas we gained from participating directly contributed to doubling my business partner and me doubling our business over the last 12 months! I got access to people I would never have met who made implementation of Jim’s ideas so much faster – allowing us to get more done. If you want to push your business to new highs, you need a peer group and coach."

Zac Nelles
Newsletter Marketing Systems, Australia

"My business partner and I were growing our business slowly and needed a boost in 2013. Being in Australia, there were all sorts of time delays that we had to compete with to make our mastermind sessions, but as a result of Jim’s great advice and the amazing group mastermind calls, we’re happy to report that we have doubled the number of clients we have and are all set to have another breakthrough year in 2014. Thanks Jim!"

Ben Wendel
Newsletter Marketing Systems, Australia

"Insight, motivation, support, and encouragement... this is just some of what you can expect from Jim Palmer in his coaching and mastermind groups. Take it from me, if you're one of the lucky ones to get into one of Jim's coaching groups (because the seats go fast!), you will never regret it."

Angela Megasko, CEO
Market Viewpoint

"Jim is someone that understands and cares about other entrepreneurs. He is quick to recognize what your needs are and helps you find a solution fairly quickly. He is always there to help and filled with tons of knowledge."

Sherrie Sokolowski, Owner
SLS Event Planning and Consulting

"Jim, I want to thank you for our latest mastermind session. In less than two hours you were able to bring what I can best describe as 'hyper-clarity' to my latest product launch which was becoming quite cumbersome! That was clearly a great example of being able to see the forest through the trees!"

Mike Capuzzi
Inventor of CopyDoodles®


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As you can see, I've had the great pleasure of masterminding with several entrepreneurs and small business owners and as their very nice testimonials indicate, I am very good at it! If you're ready to decide that slow to no growth is no longer an acceptable option, and you're ready to Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier and Create Your Dream Business Now, then I urge you to register for one of these coaching programs now.

Once again, if you'd like to schedule a call with me to discuss which coaching program will be best for you and your goals, please call my personal assistant at 1-800-214-6158 or email I look forward to working with you!

To Your Success,


Jim Palmer
Your Dream Business Coach

P.S. One of the most robust benefits of the Dream Business Mastermind is the private Facebook group where all members can post questions, get feedback and give support. While this is a private group, a few of the posts are just too good to keep private. Take a look...