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Cap't Jim Palmer here, the Dream Business Coach.

As you can see in the video above, I'm coming to you from the bridge of my Floating Home with a very exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs, like you, who want to considerably accelerate the growth of your Dream Business by working with me privately and in a compressed, accelerated fashion.

Up till now, the opportunity to work with me has only been through my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program, which is the premier mastermind for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

But so many people have reached out, saying they like the idea of a mastermind, but asking how they can meet with me privately, in a really compressed time, so we can accelerate everything.

Well, I have created the Dream Business Fast Start Coaching Program specifically for you.

Here's How It Works

It all starts with a half-day consult that runs four hours.

I would love to do your private consult here on Our Floating Home, if you want to travel to where we are. The views and environment are incredibly inspiring and will peak our creativity.

However, we can also do it remotely - whatever works best for you.

This is where we develop your game plan and get you on the fast-track to success accomplishing your goal.

Following the half-day consult, we're going to do eight weeks of intense private coaching on weekly calls.

We will work on the "fastest path to the cash" that gets you moving toward making THIS the "Year of Your Dream Business" as quickly as possible!

Here are just some of the results we've created for Dream Business owners like you during our half-day masterminds on the boat and Fast Start experiences:

  • Designing and launching products and services that provide you a reliable, automatic revenue base - month after month, guaranteed
  • Creating irresistible offers: your "cash-flow valve" you can turn on any time you need (or want) a cash infusion
  • Developing a game plan for multiple streams of income that let you enjoy your financial security and prosperity by increasing the lifetime value and ROI of each customer
  • Surfacing and revealing the hidden profit opportunities within the business you have right now
  • Charting your course to wipe out your debt so you can unleash your cash flow and to serve your business growth and lifestyle, instead of interest payments
  • Optimizing your customer service function to double your retention rates and offer more products and services to existing customers
  • Building a loyal team of employees and/or contractors who will be motivated and excited to help you grow your revenues and profits
  • Designing your Signature Speech that enables you to sell from the stage like a pro and quickly grow your paying customer base
  • Outline your next best-selling book so you get it written, published, and launched quickly and brand (or re-brand) yourself for your audience

Take a moment and imagine yourself, a mere three months from now, having finally accomplished one or two bog goals or projects that will move your business forward.

Imagine creating a new program, course, or revenue stream… whatever it is that you've either been putting off, or just haven't found time to do.

See, most people are too close to their business to see what's right in front of them.

That's where I come in.

I'm very, very good at this, by the way. I've done it so many times before for my own clients, as you can see below.

So if you're in the position of needing an expert coach, like me - someone with a very, very good proven track track record of success - if you want to accelerate the growth of your business and where you and I work together privately, then this opportunity is for you.


What Do Other Entrepreneurs Say About Working With Me?

Here are just a few of the entrepreneurs and small business owners that have experienced my Dream Business Coaching.

As you read their words, picture yourself gaining these types of results that could make THIS the Year of YOUR Dream Business, starting now:


Even More Amazing Success Stories From My Mastermind Members and Coaching Clients


It's Never Been Easier For You To Start Building Your Dream Business, Let's Do This!

It’s really simple.

All you want to do, if you want to figure out if this is a good fit, is fill out the application now.

Very short.

Tell me about yourself, your business, what’s going on, the challenges you currently face, and the opportunities you see on your horizon.

I'm going to review those personally and then I'll reach out to you if I think we have a good fit - at which point we'll schedule a half-hour call.

Our initial consult is free of charge, and there's no obligation.

At the end of that call, if we both feel it's a good fit - we both have to feel good about this - we'll enroll you for your individualized Fast Start experience and get started right away!

If you have questions or need assistance with your application, we're happy to help!

Call us toll-free at (800) 214-6158 or e-mail coach(at)

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